Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainy Day

Well, it's raining here in Temple, but I'm hoping it will clear up soon!! Me, Greg and Avery are heading to Mississippi this afternoon to stay for a couple of days. We are going to see if we can find a house to rent while we are out there. We are praying and keeping our fingers crossed that we can find something inexpensive but cute at the same time! Greg will be hearing from the Air Force Base soon about when he will be starting work there. So we would really love to be moved out there and somewhat settled at least a couple of days before he starts. Then his night classes start on May the 6th and will last for 8 weeks I think. He is excited about the classes but nervous also. Please keep us in your prayers! We would greatly appreciate it!! We are anxious to have our own place and learn all about the area we move to. Avery can't wait til he gets to go to school again! He loves being around other kids!! Speaking of Avery, here is a recent pic of him being goofy. He looks so cute!!! He is all boy and very active!!
Oh, and I made a delish lasagne the other night. It was superb if I must say so myself! And it was pretty. I should have taken a picture of it to show off! Next time I will! We had leftover spaghetti sauce from when Greg made spaghetti last week and we decided to do lasagne. Then we just mixed cottage cheese, ricotta, and parmesan cheese together with a little bit of oregano. I didn't even cook the lasagne noodles cause the sauce would cook them as it baked. Easy peasy! Then I just layered the noodles, cheese, sauce and mozzarella several times and baked. Yummo!! Add some garlic bread to the mix and we had a delicious dinner! Anywhooo, just thought I would share that! Well, I am fixing to go and eat some lunch. I hope everyone has a great and wonderful day and weekend!!

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